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Hutlihut Games

Creators of Void Crew (PC)

We are a Copenhagen based indie studio, with a senior team of dedicated sci-fi lovers and passionate gamers.

Who are we

Hutlihut Games is an indie studio based in Copenhagen, with a small team of 14 people. We build the coop games we wished to play ourselves. Our philosophy is gameplay first, and to work through focused iterations, in close collaboration with all roles in our team.

... we love to hear from the community, so let us know your experiences and feedback.

Join the Hutlihut team

In our small dedicated team each person is close to decisions, and ability to influence the game.

We are looking to expand our team on Void Crew…

If intrigued to know more, send us your star fleet resume, …after which we could set up a meeting over some hot brewed coffee!

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